One, Another   (cover concept - cloth cover in cashmere rose with inlaid black and white print).

One, Another (cover concept - cloth cover in cashmere rose with inlaid black and white print).

One, Another (2020)
Offset printed in duotone
Hard cover with tipped in image
26cm x 23cm
Standard Edition of 450
Collector’s Edition of 50 with five archival pigment prints from book

We are in the process of making a high quality, offset-printed photography book titled ‘One, Another'.

The book will be printed in an edition of 500 to accompany our participation in the 2020 Contour 556 sculpture and installation exhibition around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. The 108 page hardcover book will consist of 50-60 black & white photographs.

Myself and my wife Aishah have been working on this series of work together for two and a half years, using black and white 35mm and medium format film. The diaristic photographs are created from documenting our lives, and how they are intrinsically bound by a passion for photography and art. What makes this body of work unique in relation to other photobooks on relationships is that this work embraces two distinct viewpoints, with both artists being the photographers and subjects of the work. The singular viewpoint of a monograph is widened to include two perspectives, enabling the work to be more inclusive, diverse and engaging. As a couple working with the same medium, it is our aim to produce an artist book of exceptionally high print quality that will be unique in the national and international photobook genre.

Our story starts in Canberra, and shows our city as part of a wider world, reflecting the multicultural community where Canberrans and foreign students live, study and work together. Aishah moved to study photography at the ANU in Canberra in 2016 and we met, fell in love and were married in 2018. With Canberra as the starting point of our relationship, one between people from two very different cultures and backgrounds, locations branch out to the Monaro Plains of NSW, trips to Sydney and Melbourne, as well as overseas visits to family in Singapore and Malaysia. Regardless of the locations however, the it is the language of photography and our relationship that is centre stage. The photographs include portraits, landscapes, personal details and abstract compositions, all of which contribute to our story, one that is personal, intimate and evocative.

The book 'One, Another' will be printed in Lithuania at the highly regarded Kopa Printing House and shipped to Australia for distribution. 50 copies of the book will be sold as a special collector's edition with five accompanying archival inkjet prints to help offset cost of production. From Australia the book will be distributed to Asia, Europe and America for sale in well respected photography book shops as well as being available online.

A conceptual double page spread layout.

A conceptual double page spread layout.

Monaro Plains, NSW  (2018) from the proposed book layout.

Monaro Plains, NSW (2018) from the proposed book layout.

The initial selection of the images for our book project 'One, Another' has been made and we have the concept for the book's layout. We are working Deephouse Print Studio, a specialist photobook and pre-production designer in Sydney and Kopa Printing, a professional printing house in Lithuania, which has extensive experience in duotone offset printing of photographic images. Once the final selection has been made, we will undertake the high resolution scanning of each chosen negative which will produce a usable file for printing with our own film scanner.

Kopa has specific requirements for print pre-production and file separations for the duotone images, which will be handled by Deephouse Print Studio. Printing a photobook with duotone compared to monotone (using two printing plates per image instead of one) gives greater tonal range and ultimately a superior product, thus we have chosen to print with the duotone method.

The digital files will be sent to Deephouse Print Studio in January 2020, where they will be prepared to Kopa Printing's specifications for printing. Kopa will communicate with Deephouse Print Studio and us to produce soft-proofs, which will be viewed and approved on professional, colour corrected computer monitors, before the printing goes ahead in March-April 2020. For this Aishah and Sean will travel to Sydney and view the images with the production manager at Deephouse Print Studio to ascertain and agree on the proof images.

Example of concept layout of three images on lhp and one large image on rhp.

Example of concept layout of three images on lhp and one large image on rhp.

Kopa Printing will print, bind and deliver the books to Australia by 30 June 2020. In early-mid 2020, we will undertake a marketing campaign which will be focused on social media and online marketing though our website. We will also be proposing online features and interviews for promotion of the book. With numerous connections in the editorial field, we will endeavour to promote the forthcoming book in relation to Contour 556, adding the marketing of the exhibition.


The following images are a small example of the styles of images that will be included in the book ‘One, Another’. Although many images in the book are made from daily activities and are presented in a documentary style, there will be images that are inspired by surrealism and impressionism, offering open-ended moments or snippets rather, that are not bound by one given understanding. The book’s tone will strive to communicate a feeling of life and ‘air’ between both authors; the photographs building an impression and feeling of engagement and inclusion for the viewer.

Above is a selection of high contrast images that are included in the initial selection for the book.


We are building a database of art book sellers both here in Australia and overseas, many of which we already have relationships with as customers of their books. We will be contacting these outlets to propose they stock our book for sale, giving us wider market reach than could be achieved than by solely selling the book ourselves (which will also be undertaken in person and both online). We aim to launch the book in Canberra in conjunction with the Contour 556 festival in October 2020.The following bookshops on this list sell internationally self-published titles.

Once our budget is secure, we will start making contact with these book sellers to enquire about stocking our book.


1.     Metrooplis, Melbourne

2.     Perimeter, Melbourne

3.     Kinokunia, Sydney

4.     National Library of Australia, ACT

5.     National Gallery of Australia, ACT

6.     National Portrait Gallery, ACT

7.     Monash Gallery of Art, Victoria

8.     Queensland Art Gallery/GOMA, Qld

9.     NSW Art Gallery, Sydney

10.  CCP, Melbourne


11.   SO Books

12.   Flotsam Books

13.  Shashasha


14.  Moom Books


15.  Deck


16.  Unobtanium Books


17.  Vacilando Bookshop


18.  Experimenter Gallery, Kolkata

19.  Lighthouse Gallery


20.  Le Bal

21.  Le Plac'Art Photo

22.  La Nouvelle Chambre Claire

23.  L’Ascenseur Vegetal


24.  Tipi Bookshop


25.  Photobook Corner


26.  Bildband Berlin


27.  Fragment Books


28.  Photobook Store

29.  Beyond Words

30.  Setanta Books


31.  PhotoEye

32.  Dashwood, New York